Meet The Team

It all started with a simple idea; the oldest non-verbal message ever communicated: I'm Not Here. For thousands of years, various life forms have communicated this simple message in an effort to survive.

"I'm Not Here" embodies the true meaning of camouflage.
Our goal is to create fun, functional, and high quality camouflage clothing—but not in the traditional sense.

We started this venture as a family: me (Norm), my wife Carla and my son Luke. In 2015, we lost Carla to cancer. In the wake of her loss, Luke and I continue on, determined to accomplish the vision that started many years ago: to create a quality clothing line that can bring camouflage as a style choice to mass market.

Thank you for your interest in our story and amazing products. If you have any questions or would like to become an I’m Not Here distributor please contact our team today.